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Hello! I am long time biker and new to this forum. After an ankle reconstruction and now in my 60's, I need an alternative to my 600 plus pound cruiser, closer to 850 loaded and with the wife on the back because I don't want to hang up the helmet just yet. With the introduction of the new Spyder RT-S, I'm considering a new mode of transportation. My wife loves to ride with me and like me, due to my having to really struggle to balance and control it at stop signs and lights, she's not comfortable on the cruiser anymore. We have not had the chance to test ride the Can-Am RT or any other model yet. Our first opportunity to test ride an RT won't come until November. I have a dealership in Alabama, with my $1000 deposit, selling me the RT-S for $23,399 plus a $94.50 processing charge and throwing in $400 in after market accessories. I've spoken to maybe 18 owners of the RS and earlier models and all except for 1 person, unhappy with the electrical system problem she's having on an '08 model, and another Unhappy with the limp mode operation, they all love seem to love their vehicles.
I would appreciate any input I can get from anyone who made the test trip to the BRP headquarters on the RT-S or has test drove one, to tell me about the comfort and ease of handling. Being 6' with a 34" inseam, any input from a longer legged person would really be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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