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I have been watching the Spyder for awhile and finally got to order one a couple of weeks ago. I was set to order one when they first came out to the point of going to go two states over to get one.

Sorry, rewind, how did I get here? Long story short; a school-bus T-boned me on my BMW R1150RT destroying the bike and messing up my knee to the point my wife and family suggested, after 25+ years of riding I should retire from it. I could keep the 1979 BMW R65 I had restored, but.... Then the Spyder was released and my wife said, "that doesn't look like a motorycycle", so I get to ride again! At least I will at the end of July or early August.

Which leads back to the wait to get one and why in the world, Texas with 365 day a year riding weather was in the initial Phase I release after northern tier states withmaybe 3 months ride time. I was set to order one if it weren't for repair and warrenty issues. So I was surprised and enheartened, as I just popped by the web site about 3 weeks ago to learn they had expanded production and Phase I distribution. A week later I was able to take a quick test ride in San Antonio, but it was enough to convince me I it would fill my riding urges. I ordered it the same day.

So now as I wait I try to find more out and today came across this forum. So here I am looking foward to interacting with the other members and impatiently waiting until I can saddle up!

San Antonio
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Welcome Texan!! I've been a lurker here for sometime but finally got sometime to post today. I ordered my Spyder Last March and waited what seemed to be forever for it to arrive. I've installed some of the accessories offered by Cam Am and am very happy with the bike overall. What a ride!!

Best of luck to you and welcome aboard!!
Although your post is quite old, glad you ordered a spyder. I'm also in San Antonio, Tx I don't see too many of those 3 wheel creatures around. But I love mine -- it's the right bike for me! :)
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