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Hi folks,
I just got my 2009 yellow SE5 on Friday Sept. 18 and I have put just over 200 miles on since then. Boy am I happy. I traded in my 2006 Kawasaki 2000 LT and got an excellent deal at Rt 3a motors in Chelmsford MA.
My Kawasaki had 2023cc, the Can Am has 990 and is way faster, also lighter with better brakes. Cornering...well I'm getting used to it bit by bit, leaning some, weighting my foot, trying to put the right pressure on the bars, and it's coming along. I was hanging on too tight at first and giving it the wobbles going around bumpy corners. It's smoother now with much more to learn.

Question- it seems to me that the front wheels might be toed in a little. I was a mechanic for 25 years and between me and an old mechanic buddy we both think there's some feathering on the front tires, and it hunts a little in turns. Any one have issues with this?

Overall I am loving it and I look forward to riding/driving it all winter, except when the snow is deep on the roads.

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