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Hi. I took a test ride this afternoon. I'm seriously considering an RTS. Nice machine. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.
I have some comments and one big question that I would really appreciate some feedback on.
The machine takes some getting used to. Most of it I'm sure will easily come in time. For instance, I found myself wandering over the yellow line a bit. At stops, I had difficulty resisting putting a foot down. Stopping with only the foot brake is also an adjustment. All of these, I'm comfortable I can get used to.
Otherwise, it was very nice. It seemed a bit twitchy around the back roads, but pretty much straightened out well on the highway.
But cornering.....I kept tying to lean into a turn, and that is just bad. How long does it take to get used to that ? If I buy a Spyder, it will most likely be in the next week.
I currently ride an ST1100, and I'm planning a trip to the Dragon in Mid April. Obviously, I need to be comfortable on the Spyder before I get to Deals Gap.
Any feedback or techniques that would help me get used to cornering would be greatly appreciated.
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I found I had same problem with center line wander, I found that I had to learn to drive to the right, So I use the right line as my marker. As far as leaning into the turns you will just have to ride until you get use to not doing that any more. It took me about 1000 mile of riding not to lean any more. hope this helps.
It only took me about 5 hours of seat time before I felt comfortable with the concerns that you mentioned. I did notice on a road with a lot of crown to it ,it takes a little compensation on the steering.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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