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I still lean into the corners and no it sure doesn't feel like a 2 wheel bike at all. It is more like a 4 wheeler and wonder of wonders this company makes them! I have found that if you lean into a corner and slightly accelerate into the corner the bike or 3 wheeled 4 wheeler is much more stable and will take turns in excess of 80+ mile an hour. It does not like downhill turns I have found and does much better climbing and turning. Steering effort seems very high for the weight and I suspect that is because the front suspension is set almost straight up with no negative camber and I suspect a high caster angle. This results in the high steering effort due to and ackerman effect wanting to fight you through the corners and not turn. If they would take this suspension setting they have and put about a degree or less negative camber into the front suspension and take the toe setting to about a 1/16 or so, then take the caster angle down to where the wheels just barely wanted to continue to go straight when turning they would have a great handling bike I feel. This of course might be more than the onboard computer could handle but I would say leave the yaw to them to play with and I am sure they would be able to come up with a useable set up.
The hand brake ah yes another big problem they need to address! Recall on certain VIN numbers? I haven't talked to anyone who hasn't had a problem of some sort getting it to release so why just certain ones?
How about the rear side mirrors which give a perfect view of one's shoulder if you are any size? Kewl makes kits at $131+ to extend them but why isn't our glorious government after the manufacturer to make a safety recall? Seems that should be more in order than us having to spend money to fix a glaring safety problem! Did they have midgets for test drivers as this seems so obvious in the first minutes on the bike they should have caught it?
Then we get down to the great gas mileage in a world of ever increasing cost for fuel and people looking to save some bucks. My 150,000 mile Toyota pickup truck gets around 25 mpg at around 70 mph. This much swoopier looking 3 wheeler gives me around 30 much less weight and 997 cc's versus the weight and size of the Toyota. Hopped up Harleys get better mileage!
The final word is I am very disappointed and expected far better in many area's after almost 3 years on the market. What really turns me off is they are not what I would call super worried from what I get in feed back from people who own Spyders. With the world of expedable cash fast shrinking they had better dang sure get their heads out of the sand and start showing some changes and improvements resulting from the complaints out there. Bill
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