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Hello everyone, It`s very nice to be here, I don`t own a Spyder yet, but I`m looking forward to owning one. I went to a dealership in KC MO to take a look and I knew I had to get one. I took my wife to the dealer so that she could get a look at them, and on the way there she was telling me how she didn`t want any one coming to pressure us into buying anything, but when she saw them she was hooked. She was the one to ask mostly all the questions, and then she was able to get on one, (I have a scooter, and she`s afraid of it. she`s never been on it) But this was different, she really enjoy it and it was just in the show room. So I have to bring my scoot to them and see what kind of a deal I can get. Oh yes, on the way out there was this guy driving in the lot on a Spyder and we stopped to talk to him and ask him questions, and he said that he traded in his Gold Wing trike for a Spyder, and that he and his wife were crazy about it. So I`m in the process of checking our finances. Now, is there anything you guys can tell me about the machine itself? Any advise? Thanks for any help. Latter. Louie.
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