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2022 Spyder RT Limited
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Hello Can Am lovers, haters and those in between.

I'm a long time Motorcycle guy, 50+ years or so. The last couple of years my wife decided that she didn't want to ride with me anymore. She got nervous about leaning in curves and about my ability to hold my big heavy bike in place when riding in stop and go traffic. Never dropped the bike with her on it, so I'm not sure why she feels that way; oh well...

Because she did say that she would feel much safer on something like a Cam Am Spyder, we decided to grab the new lifestyle by the handlebars and purchased a 2022 Spyder RT Limited Chrome edition in Marsala Red. Since we pre-ordered before the end of 2021, we got a 3 year warranty instead of the regular 2 years. According to the dealer, our new Spyder should arrive late May/early June.

While we are trying to patiently wait, I am spending as much time as I can reading through the various Spyder forums and trying to educate myself with these interesting machines. There is also many cool You Tube channels with Can Am owners documenting their adventures. These machines look like a lot of fun. We are looking forward to taking delivery of our new toy.

See you in the forum.
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