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I am new to the forum and have no idea what the heck I am doing. So please forgive me if I make any forum mistakes.

I received my SE5 last August and just love it (even though it was in the dealers shop for seven weeks waiting for a new crank case). My wife will take deliverly of her SE5 next week. Several weeks ago she take off on my spyder and rode for 30 miles. When she came home I told her to go get her own, so she did.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find floor boards and touring pegs for OUR spyders. Any information would be of great help. thanks-lw/
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If you go to the Market Link above you can see MMG's foot pegs, he has added more items lately, Kewl Metal has many accessories to, including these brackets for highway mounting of foot pegs: Highway Foot Peg Brackets
Spyderman you are the greatest. I received my hiway pegs from Kewl Metal today (one of Santa's presents). I can not wait to installed them tomorrow. I was suprised on how thick and heavy they are. The installation instructions included with the kit is just great. Even a non-mechanic like me should have no problem getting them installed. Now if someone can tell me how to reactive the spell check feature on my computer life would be just great. thanks-lw/
I received my SE5 last August and just love it (even though it was in the dealers shop for seven weeks waiting for a new crank case). /

Whoa! Would love to hear the story about the need for a new crankcase :eek:
It is really a simple story. When my local dealer perfromed the 600 mile check, the mechanic who serviced my Spyder cracked the crank case when he reinstalled the oil filter cover (at lease that was what I was told). I received two different versions on how the crank case was cracked. Version one was that the machanic used the wrong bolts when reinstalling the cover. The second was that the mechanic used the wrong bolt holes when reinstalling the cover. Anyway I was also told that the mechanic and another machanic were fired for getting into what was explained as WWE knock down free for becaue of the damage done to my Spyder. Finally, after seven weeks in the shop, the crank case was replaced. I spent several hours with the new Spyder machanic while rebuilding my crank case. It was a great lesson learned experince. After completing two complete crank case tear downs and rebuilds, I think my local dealer machinic has the gained the knowledge to complete any Spyder service the way it should be performed. During this time of my crack case rebuild the dealer was great. I was offered an manual transmission to rode any time I wanted. Several times the salesman called saying that he add a extra Spyder available and wanted to get together and go for a road trip. His idea of a road trip was going for seveal hundred miles, taking off Friday night and returing sometime Sunday with the dealership picking up the tab. As I said earlier, we are now a two Spyder family and feel comfortable that my located dealer can perform any required services. After all, he take apart and reassembled my Sprder seveal times with me looking over his shoulder. Please forgive any spelling errors. I still have not corrected the problem with spell check. thanks-lw/
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Great story and apparently a great dealer.
Sure hope my dealer turns out to be that good.Picking up my new Spyder SE5 on Tuesday. Looking foward to riding many miles, trouble free.:)

:) Dealer is great ,the Red Spyder SE5 is even Greater. Loveing every minete of it.:D :D
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