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I wanted to say hello, introduce myself, and, compliment the forum layout.

I am not a motorcycle rider these days, but have in the past. I anticipate purchasing a spyder this summer or early fall, it seems it would be a little more comfortable than a standard bike. I pretty much fit the Can-Am demographic for the spyder, which is fine with me.

I currently live in Ft. Worth, TX. I wil be checking in on the forum, hopefully participate more after I have made a purchase.


Dave W.
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Hi Dave. While we have this thread, I would like to introduce myself aswell. I am Chris from Cape Town, South Africa, I am "disabled" and have ordered my SE5 which should be here in November. I cant wait to have handlebars and a beautiful piece of road in front of me. I haven't ridden since my smash so it will bring tears of joy, I'm sure... Have fun and enjoy the freedom.

Another Texas Spyder on the way here too!..We just ordered the wifes silve SE5, she can't wait!
Hey guys another TX rider here, Denison, TX Have had mine just over 2 weeks and put in over a thousand miles. Took my daughter into Dallas today and the ride was great. Just cant find enough excuses to ride.
Hi guys/gals

Im new here...

I'm a new spyder "para rider to be" early next spring, looking forward to getting my ride, making some mods to carry my chair and im off..

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