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These Super Bright Street Magic® Genesis™ Series LED powered driving lights also add a remarkable amount of additional day & night time illumination, further increasing your overall safety.
The 48 Genesis™ Series Super Bright LEDs in each unit are combined with a tough black housing that is a perfect match for your Can Am Spyder.
Day Runner Pucks™ are 100% plug and play and come with all connectors and a waterproof switch so that you can turn Day Runner Pucks on or off as you desire.
Day Runner Pucks™ come complete with everything needed for a Quick, Convenient, Safe and Secure™ installation requiring no tools whatsoever.
The sleek design and mounting location of Day Runner Pucks™ makes them look like a factory installed driving light.

So, add some real visibility and safety to your Spyder with Day Runner Pucks™and Be safe, Be Seen™ out there on the road.Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure

Check them out here: http://www.customdyn...y_Runner™_Pucks



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