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I have been researching an alarm system for my Spyder and have narrowed it down to this company. It is a plug and go system so you can install it yourself. I received an email confirming that the Spyder harness is ready which I quoted below.

“We did receive some help with the harness and we already have one designed. In early January we will have the Spyder kit available.”

The new Talon T-3300 is a stylishly designed, compact, full-featured remote control motorcycle alarm system that will fit any motorcycle. It offers an impressive line-up of features including built-in digital tilt sensor, dual stage shock sensor, starter immobilizer, optional perimeter sensor and much more. All packaged with a weatherproof, compact microprocessor control module, compact piezo siren and 2 miniature multi-function 4 button transmitters that exhibit streamlined design with amazing functionality.:D

Call them at 778-881-7715

Or contact them at…
Talon Motorcycle Technologies ( Talon Concepts International )
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