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My first ride on my Spyder

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Just thought you would get a hoot about my first ride. I took delivery two days before Christmas, cold and nasty. Since I was free the next couple of weeks, I took my Spyder to my cabin in central Kentucky and waited. Finally I got a 52 degree day, sunny and nice.

I hauled the bike to town to unload it because my road is a muddy mess in the back woods. As I was unloading it in the local shopping center lot, a bunch of locals started to gather. The comments and the looks they had were amazing.

I took off New Years Eve heading to the Red River Gourge near Slade Kentucky. Its a ride of switchback moutain curves and fabulous scenery. I had to take it easy bucause the shady side of the mountain was wet and slick, so the full potential of the ride was not there. But, WOW, what a ride it was! Being used to an atv, this felt like a fine tuned race atv. The handling was so cool and it felt GOOD..

Every place I went, the bike drew a crowd.

After a 100 miles, I got the bike back to the parking lot and the local sheriff was behind me! He said the bike was the most awsome thing he had ever seen. (I had my paper work just in case he thought it was an ATV) But, he was good with it and I am going to let him ride it next time I get back.

Fun was over, next day I left for Michigan and came home to below zero wind chill and a blizzard!
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It's extremely cool, I received mine on november 2nd, here in Montreal we start getting snow flakes. Mother nature allowed me to drive it for 3 weeks.

My wife loves it, she's so looking forward to spring and getting back on it.

I'm not complaining, because we're have a great winter here and I was able to play with the other toy. My Ski-doooooo
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