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Maryland Spyder Riders / Club

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I am picking up my new Spyder this weekend and am interested in joining or forming a local Spyder club.

Are there are any active Spyder clubs in the central Maryland area? If not, are there riders out there who would be interested in forming one?

Ed Calabrese
Woodstock, MD
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I live in the Bryans Road, Md 20616 area, and have a 2010 RTS, that I just enjoy riding and would like to ride with other Spyder's within the area on schedule dates or events.

I'm definitely interested. I live in the Pasadena area.

I live in Hughesvile and would like to go on some rides,
Maryland Spyder Ryders!

I currently host the largest forum for Spyder Rydes in Maryland, Virginia, Deleware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I personally reside in Maryland and would hope to see others who can become assistant organizers join and turn up the volume on Spyder get-togethers in their areas. The forum is called "Mid-Atlantic Spyder Ryders," hosted as a site. The full URL is Please check it out and join! Come up with some rydes of your own, and lets have fun.

Note: When you join, please be sure to manually set your location, or it will default to mine, Halethorpe, MD.


Paul Armstrong SilverSurfer
Spydertalk/Spyderforums: BacknBlack
I'm in Huntingtown and would be happy to meet up for rides :)
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