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Lurking from So Cal

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I have been taking a close look at the blue touring model and the more I look the more I like. My wife would like to drive too and I feel that she will be more at ease on this than her mototcycle. The only drawback I see is that I commute in a high traffic area and splitting lanes is a must to survive the madness, if I could afford a Spyder for weekends and a cycle for commuting I would do it today.... But in the real world I can't see streaching my income that much. I will be around here checking thing out for a while, I will also take the wife to the dealer and get her thoughts (she liked what she saw in the brochure).
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I commute from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita and actually all over LA because of my job and sometimes on the spyder sometimes in the car, I drive 32k miles a year and already have 950 miles on my RTS in 3 weeks :D You can go in the car pool lane, and even though it only takes 30 minutes to get to my destination i always allow 1 hr. no stress and i totally enjoy the ride more than in my corvette or solstice.

Splitting lanes is dangerous with all the insane drivers in LA and one of the reasons this is my first motorcycle. I got the GPS and am getting it installed this Tuesday, when I get the CB and XM radio with the traffic, I will be able to plan my routes more carefully.

I have been caught in gridlock and just turn the stereo up when i am on the RT.

anyhow good luck on your decision.
I actually commute in the OC area from Fullerton to Costa Mesa I travel through the "orange crush" and even there the carpool lanes move slow and sometimes the regular lanes move faster than the carpool lanes. In my car the average time comming home is an hour to an hour and a half, on the bike it's always 35 to 45 minutes even in the rain. Gotta love lane splitting.....
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