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Hi All,

Picked up my roadster couple of weeks back, and just loving it(only 750km so far). But i have noticed some strange behavior, just wondering if anyone has noticed similar symptoms.

1. Once in a while off the line, it seems to hesitate and bog. ?
2. When nearing a stop or moving very slowly in and out of the driveway,
there's a strange rubbing noise, which can also be felt as very slight vibration through the handlebars...almost like the brakes are rubbing, but the brakes are not being applied....can also be similar to a loud squeeky rubbing noise.....sorry it's just difficult to describe. ??

Thanks !!


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Bogs and rubs

floto612 here with some humble no one else has provided any guidance, I did not want you to feel alone out there.
Good that you are enjoying your Spyder, as you should be!!

Ok, bog or lag at take this constant no matter at what temperature or how long you have been riding? Then my guess, a GUESS on my part....a MAP sensor. It may possilby require recalibration of the computor, so that timing and fuel delivery corresponds better. I heard that during the proto type builds, BRP had tried various MAP and fuel sensors to cure this matter. WORK WITH YOUR Dealer on this.

Rubbing sound, could your park brake be set to tight? If you are pushing your Spyder backward in nuetral, and you hear a rubbing is a park brake set too tight. Otherwise ensure you have no font fender, mudflaps, belt guards biggest suggest is have your Service Department do you 600Km first service check, and get this all done under warranty. Hope this helps provide some light on your issues.

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Mr. Floto612 took the words out of my mouth!

First, welcome the official world of Spyderholics not-so-anonymous :)

Second, Having the dealer look at it under warranty is a great suggestion.

The emergency brake (or brake calipers not retracting properly?) guess is also in line with bogging as well, specially if the bogging is not occurring after a non-brake stop. After the rotors rotate in the pads a bit, they remove enough material, and the rubbing is gone. A knowledgeable dealer is the way to go, all we can do here is guess.

Side note, if you have a jack, it should not be that hard to see if the wheels rotate freely, or are impeded in some way by the brakes. A good bike jack like the ones Sears sell will be handy for oil changes if you don't have one :)

It is always a good idea not to skimp when buying a jack......

I had a squealing on the front right of my Shelby Dakota that would disappear after about a block of driving, jacked it up, (tried) to rotate the wheel.... it would not go.... caliper had locked up :(

Let us know what you find.
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