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Hi All,

Eventually looking to get a Spyder. What is the good, bad, and ugly on them. Should I avoid the early years? Would probably be the base model, just for affordability. Not too sure if buyng used would be good, unless the price is right. Or would new be better, just for warranty. Have a dealer 20 minutes away.



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New owner observations


I just bought a 2009 RS a few weeks ago and thought I’d provide my observations so far. I hope the information is not too long.

- There is a small price break on the 2009 models. I did get a factory offered $1,000 towards accessories and another 15% off anything over that from the dealer. The used bikes seemed to hold the price well so I went with a new last year holdover.

- I love the bike (Trike?)

- Love the balance of three wheels in stop and go traffic. Hate the hot running engine in the same traffic. Be sure the wear good heat resistant boots, your right foot will get hot on long runs.

- Love the double take other drivers give me. Hope they will actually see me this way.

- Great ride but with three wheels you will get a good jolt on pavement joints.

- The front truck is great and will hold one full face helmet.

- I have the semi-auto transmission which is great.

- Plenty of power.

- ABS brakes stop quickly without feeling like you are going to flip over the handlebars.

- There is the WOW factor. Like other members have reported, people want to stop and talk. The first night out I had a Harley rider asked to share a table with me at dinner, photos while adding gas, etc.

- Only about 5 MGP (33) better than my Town & Country so far.

- My wife loves riding and wants to get her DL now.
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