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wife and I were filling our car up last night and a Spyder RT pulled up with the radio blaring and young lady in the passenger seat rocking out.

When they stopped the driver tried to turn it down before flilling up. next thig we hear is Chinese balring from the radio..

I almost dropped the filler hose I was laughing so hard.

Turns out it was the demo from the shop where we are getting ours..

guy was test driving it.. we talked for a couple pf minutes while his daughter filled it up

he looked at his watch and said it had to be back by 6:00... was 5:58 and shop is bout 35 min with no traffic..

wonder if he made it?

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Do you think that the Salesman was out in the parking Lot nervously hopping from one foot to the other in anticipation of their return?? :D

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