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I have a problem with my 2010 can am spyder rt problem with the cluch it needs to be repaired the only mechanic I can find that work on the spyder is at a dealership and it would be very expensive. Is this something l can do my self and can't seem to find the answers on line on cluch repair and find the parts can anyone help
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Hi Larry555.
What is the actual problem with the clutch? Without knowing its impossible to advise you.
Hi Larry555.
What is the actual problem with the clutch? Without knowing its impossible to advise you.
What he said.
And where are you located ?
The most common problem with the clutch on older models with a manual transmission is the seals failing on the clutch slave cylinder, which causes the clutch to drag and makes shifting with the engine running hard or impossible.

While all repairs on a Spyder tend to be expensive.......have you paid for work on anything else lately......if that is what the problem IS, it should cost you an hours shop labor plus maybe $50 in parts. You would save little by doing it yourself.

THEN if the problem is more complicated than that, you probably should NOT tackle it yourself because you might make matters worse. At some point, you might need to consider trading it in.......if you can find a newer one for sale.
The problem is I went for ride and after shifting in to 5 gear it would not pick up speed and it wouldn't shift back down to first gear could it be the cluch plate. I took it to a guy who knows a little about spyder he mentioned a leak couldn't afford to take it a dealership right now can't find a mechanic that works on spyders only a dealership
Ok. So im assuming its a manual gearbox.
Has a clutch lever any pressure when you operate it?
Feel normal when you operate it?
Is there any fluid in the clutch reservoir?

Have you done any maintenance on bikes and stuff before?
Oh I am in arkansas
Call Harvey at Spyderpops he is west of hot springs
Yep probably best. The lack on info makes it impossible to help this bloke with his problem. Best of luck Larry555.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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