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Just test drove a Spyder

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Loved it!!! A BLAST!!! Unfortunatly my girlfriend was on the back so I couldn't get a great feel for the steering. I was kind of leary making fast turns and doing any speed on off ramps. So tell me, If you go too fast does the stability system kick in without straightening the bike out. I believe I felt the inside wheel want to come up at times. Also it seemed difficult to make a right turn and stay in the proper lane. If the GF wasn't on the back I probably would have found out for myself by riding it a little harder...but...any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Tell me about your first ride and how you ride it now.
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my first post

My first post and no one replies...GREAT...THANKS
My first post and no one replies...GREAT...THANKS
I guess some are a bit shy :p

The stability control will kick in based on input from the wheel sensors. It makes it nearly impossible to do smoky burnouts..... It eases back on the power when it senses a difference in front wheel rotation speeds side to side (i.e. one wheel is lifting off in a turn). Leaning on turns is needed to keep you from flying off, like riding a four wheeler, it's fun, lean away (or I should say hang over the side)!
My first post and no one replies...GREAT...THANKS
Looks like you could do with a dose of patience. Not everyone visits this site daily. Check the post dates and you will see quite a gap. I for one check it about once a week.

When taking a turn, shift your weight into the turn and forward. The Spyder will glide through it
just bought #1969

New to spyder world and lovin it! As far as cornering, it's not a mc, it's a spyder. Love it and it will love you. Look forward to communicating with ya'll.
Augusta, Ga in the house.
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