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just bought RTS--aux fuel cell and trailer wiring questions

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Good Day!

I picked up a 2010 Black RTS yesterday. Had the hitch and factory wiring done at the dealership. I plan on pulling my trailer--I did not buy the Can Am one. I did have to order a trailer wiring pigtail so I can plug into the bike. It is a very unique connector!


Does anybody have the trailer wiring pinout figured out yet? I can not find the information anywhere--even the dealer and their Master service manual did not have the pinout!!

Also--the fuel mileage for the first 100 miles has been as I was afraid--well under 25mpg. I expect it to get better--but realize that it will not go above 30 under the best of conditions. I plan on adding some sort of auxiliary fule cell to the bike.

I own RPW Motorcycle Accessories (home of Marsee products and Helen Twowheels Products). We sell quite a few Automobile Racing Fuel cells to car racers thru RPW as well as all fittings/plumbing, fuel pumps etc. As I look into a fuel cell for the RTS I would appreciate knowing :

A.) has anybody done a fuel system for the RT yet?

B.) how many of you would be interested in a RT 'kit' if we end up putting one together? I know I can have custom fuel cells made--the cost will go down if there is more than one!

I do not know how fast I will tackle the aux fuel cell project--I look forward to hearing from Forum members.

Tom Volk
[email protected]

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What's the latest on the aux fuel cell. I'm thinking about getting a Spyder next year. That front storage trunk just screams as a place to install an aux fuel cell. I would think you could get 3-3.5 extra gallons up there. That would give a total of ~10 gallons and that would be really nice. :D Keep us posted.
Trailer wiring

I am having the same trouble with the trailer wiring, the dealer knows nothing. The wiring harness that comes with trailer package make no sense. looks like it plugs into itself. I any wanting to have a four pin output(std) from the harness. Help!!!
Now I Know someaht less than nothing about wiring up a trailer to the Spyders...
But... What we used to do was grab a battery charger and a couple of nails... :eek: Attach a nail to each lead, Negative to ground, and then test to see just what lights up as you start touching the different contacts. KEEP A RECORD!! Once you've got a map of the trailer's wiring, you need to figure out what wires will light up the right light on it... Some sort of test lead can be used for that... Activate a circuit and see what goes "hot"...
At least that's what has worked in the past...

The aux fuel cell sounds interesting, but most I've seen in the past have been really expensive. I'd be interested, but not at a "Touratech" type of price.
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