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When I had my last MC before the 2012 RT Ltd I had a J and S jack which was terrific. I didn't know if I could lift the RT with it so I called J and S. Cheryl emailed back saying the jack would work and included pix of a CanAm. But the pix were of a RS and they weren't sure if the jack would work on a RT.
I spent the better part of the day testing different configurations to see if it would work. I was obvious from looking at their pix of the RS and the underside of my RT that it wouldn't work in the same position used on the RS.
I finally figured out a way to safely raise the trike without crushing or pinching anything. HOORAY!!
I took several pix and wrote detailed instructions and sent them to J and S for them to use as they wish.
I am a completely satisfied customer of J and S and encourage anyone to use their lifts and other products. You will be satisfied.
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