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Hi All

One month in as an RS owner, my Corbon Seat and Smuggler Box has arrived..

The seat arrived with instructions for an RT so we thought it was the wrong seat. Couple days later the dealer verified it was correct.

Even though I am "Mechanically Challenged". I spent 30 minutes moving my sons junk around in the barn to make room in the workshop (48' x64' barn and I have to no room to myself) Found my tool box hidden under some more of my son's restaurant equipment and dug into it..

I purchased a search able CD of the 2010 RS SE off Ebay the night before. It gave me all I needed to figure out how to get the old seat off and the new on..

No instructions with the Smuggler, however after a 20 minute search on Corbon Web site and a phone call later I found the instructions plainly listed on their site (DUH).

Everything went on 1-2-3, sort of.

Only issue was getting the male part of the smugglers quick latch tall enough to lock into the female part in the box itself.. I unscrewed the bad boy until it cam out of its housing (oops).. To fix it i figured out I could put a couple of thin washers under the female latch mech.. Ta Da.. it locks down tight..

I hated the seat at first. I thought the backrest of the Smuggler box was crowding me.. A couple miles away from home and I did not mind it. I hit the throttle pretty strong and my backside slipped in the pocket and against the backrest.. I kind of liking this..

Five or Six miles later.. Man I love this sucker..

Road over to the Dealer Flat Out on the eastside of Indy to show it off..

Yep I sat on the Rt again.. Still saving to upgrade from my 1 month old RS-SE to the RT-S.

I will put images on later.. did not have my camera at home..:D

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It is great to hear you are liking your Corbin seat. In my book, nothing is more fun and satisfying to do an upgrade on your own. I agree, the RT is one cool looking ride. It blew me a way the first time I saw one... somewhere buried in an older post I put up a ton of pictures 'cause I thought it was so cool.

We eagerly await the pics of your first upgrade! Be sure to put your review in the Corbin Seat Market listing:

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Just click "post a review".
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