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Hey I am here in Weston and trying to get used to the new Can Am Spyder I have bought recently and always ready to hear from others about their experiences with their Spyder. Bill ;)

Welcome. I have about 19000 miles on number 610 and I have to say it is the most fun I have had in a while.

The bike is great. There are a few issues but it is to be expected with a new, out of the box design. They got a lot of things right and a couple wrong.

The best things I have done to my bike:
Throttlemmeister throttle lock
Beaded seat cover-goofy looking but efffective in the heat.
Kewlmetal mirror extensions- safety issue.
Tom Tom GPS- won't leave home without it.

The worse thing I did to my bike:
Corbin Fairing /windshield. $1500 of junk.

The most fun I have had with my bike:
Riding route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago.

The least fun I have had with my bike;
Leaving Spokane in a driving all day rain-hydroplaning was an issue.

So that should get you started.

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Wow! You have some miles on that bike! Any overwhelming issues so far? Where did you get the parts for the mirrors and throttle? Have you messed with the muffler at all? What kind of gas mileage do you get? Thanks for any feedback! Bill
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