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I have a 2020 Spyder RT-L

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I bought a 2020 Spyder new - Ever since I bought it, it has a hot smell to it every time I ride it - Took it to the dealer and they told me it was just the paint etc. burning off the exhaust - Took it in for the 3 thousand oil change and service and told them again about the smell - They told me that everything checked out OK - Took it into the dealer for the 10 thousand mile check up and they told me everything looks good and that some Syders just have that smell to them - Anybody else have that issue?

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Anybody else have that issue?
Yes. Bikes, cars, trucks etc.
But some noses are more sensitive than others.

IF the radiator fans come on occasionally, I think you should not obsess over this.
But I personally would do some sniffing around to see if I could locate the source.......mostly for curiosity.
Hi Rock. Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Glad you decided to join us.

Unless it is exhaust, the bike should not be emitting any strong odors.
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