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Homecoming Photos

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I've started to load some of the Homecoming Photos... I've taken over 400 so far, the trip, the accessories, the parking lot filled with Spyders, even the CEO of BRP (a very nice fellow). Here is a sneak peak:

visit the Gallery often as I'll upload a bunch more after we finish dinner :)
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I just loaded up about 30 pictures.....

One of the more unusual non-Spyder items I saw:

About a dozen custom Spyders attended:

When I get some time, I'll gather up all the accessories images into grouped posts. I counted at least seven different windshields, got a lot of good pics of a click-tronic install, and saw a lot of nice unique tweaks ryders had made.

The Factory tour was tremendous, and the event over-all was a should-not-miss. BRP gave us each a unique lapel pin, #1 of the Spyder Ryder series.

Next year... don't miss this one!
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much better weather today!

Spyders at the event Hotel before we head to the museum.

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It was great talking with you Jay, I'm looking forward to talking again. Hope your traveling safe.

Hope you had a great weekend! :)
Cossing the border

It was great talking with you Jay, I'm looking forward to talking again. Hope your traveling safe.

Hope you had a great weekend! :)
The pleasure was all mine. I rolled into the house about 1 AM, once I unpack and mow the lawn (ah priorities :( ) I'll put up a bunch more posts and pictures (I have 308 in the "Homecoming" images folder).... on windshields, saddle bags, trailers, foot pegs, and more!

Two things I love about these events are:

1) Meeting people people in person that I have only met previously on-line (plus everyone else :) )


2) Seeing all the great new accessories (like your GIVI Saddle bag and trunk setup)

OK, there are really a million reasons I love events..... taking lots of pictures in the list too:

Here is a picture of 1 of the 3 lines before crossing the border into Canada. One of the BRP folks made a joke after we got on the other side: "OK, now that we all know you passed the security screen, and we can really have some fun."

Here is everyone on the other side leaving to Valcourt. Lamont (sp?), the fellow in front, won the highest mileage on his Spyder award, 9600 +/-. If he had known he was going to win, maybe he would have been smiling (hmmm, maybe he is smiling?), I think it was a gift certificate for either $500 or $1000 of accessories!

The BRP marketing and communications teams really out-did themselves. Based on the enthusiasm and huge turnout, I'd bet there will be annual events. Did you notice on one of the later posts on it became the "Inaugural event" :D

Knowing how well BRP listens to its customers, maybe we'll see something in the polls on looking for ideas for future events. Some of my favorite rides come to mind: Tail of the Dragon/Smokey mountains?, Central TN?, Northern AR/Southern, MO (Branson)?, Central AR (Hot Springs)?, CA coast? Valley of Fire in AZ? International event? The list is endless!
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2008 Valcourt Homcoming Collectible Pin

Let the BRP Can-Am Spyder Event Collectibles begin!

After the BBQ, All attendees were given this pin. It was given to us buy the CEO of BRP, he shook every participants hand, as did the President of the newly formed Can-Am Division of BRP.

We were told it was the beginning of a special series of event pins. It is rather large, almost a full inch wide, so wide in fact that it has two pins on the back.

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