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High Rise Handlebars

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Hi, I love your website! I'm in SA and got my yellow can am (auto) 3 days ago. I lifted the standard handle bars with a high rise handle bar part. Could anybody please tell me if there's any after market parts for these handle bars to be lifted for an even more straight up position? Is the new RT model handle bars more upright than the Spyder RS? Are they compatible (RS on RT?) Awesome trike!!:)
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My wife checked out an '09 Spyder at the local dealer today. Since we have to sell a bike first, I expect she'll probably be getting a 2010 (RS) model. She's an experienced rider and knows what position she's comfortable in. We've had to change seats, handlebars and foot pegs / boards on pretty much all of her bikes over the years. First thing she noticed on the Spyder is the handlebar issue. She feels she'd need to not only have the grips UP 2" (which seems easy enough with risers) but will also need to come BACK about 2". Do any of the risers / handlebars on the market bring the grips closer to the rider?
Kewlmetal risers is what you just described...

Installation video ->> Kewlmetal adjustable risers.

Kewlmetal web site

Depending on the extent of the modification you may get into haing to extend some of the cables though.
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