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High Rise Handlebars

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Hi, I love your website! I'm in SA and got my yellow can am (auto) 3 days ago. I lifted the standard handle bars with a high rise handle bar part. Could anybody please tell me if there's any after market parts for these handle bars to be lifted for an even more straight up position? Is the new RT model handle bars more upright than the Spyder RS? Are they compatible (RS on RT?) Awesome trike!!:)
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Aftermarket you can get systems from Helibars, Kewlmetal and ESI. I have the 3" ESI risers on top of the 1" BRP riser and its fine (cant go any more with standard cables) ESI Cycle Products Home Page See also Australian Spyder Ryders

Hi I have carpal tunnel in my wrists and when I took my first ride at Prorider the bike was standard and it hurt like all heck! then I went on the brp ride and the bike there had the 3" kit fitted and was better by the time I was ready to get mine I took the phanton kitted bike out for a ride with the 3" kit again and decided to get that, when I ordered mine they had the new 4" kit so thats on my bike now and it is so good easy on the back and wrists but it should have been more tourer than racer from the get go, mine will be for everyday work by the second week february and looking forward to that day! I shall be retiring my old Virago thats done around 750, k"s
Hope you enjoy your bike not trike
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