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HI there.!

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Just saying hello to everyone . I'm just traded my 2018 goldwing dct for the 2022 spyder RT and looking foward to the change once all of the parts are in to finish putting it together, missing part seems to be a reverse actuator.

I will miss the power and handling but the time has come to make the switch, it seems has though time is catching up with me ( 75 ) and the goldwing is starting to be a little too much for me to handle in certain situations, once I'm moving it is fine but we can't always be moving.

Nice to be here.
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Don't try to rush your "training" time on the new platform.
The transition can be tough for some. It was for me.
Welcome to the Spyder forum. You will love your new Spyder once you get use to it.
Ryde it like driving a car. Not like ryding a motorcycle. Light grip on the handlebars. Relax your shoulders and lose arms. Only correct the Spyder when needed. The front end will react to the slightest moments from your hands. It will take you a while to unlearn your old motorcycle habits but once you do the ryde
is on.
Ryde safe and enjoy the Ryde
Update, the parts are in and I should be getting bike on wednesday . Looking foward to the new ride.
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Gidday and welcome. I picked up my 2017 F3 Ltd SE6 in March. Bit of an experiment really. Plenty of power if I want it I reckon. Totally different ride from my Wing. Long story short, for me it was time to move the Wing on and maybe pick up a Mobility Scooter. So I settled for an F3 Ltd. :) Has room for the wife and some storage available for road trips.

These Spyders are totally different apart from the wind and the rain. Forget leaning and counter steering. Smile when you spot a bit of loose stuff in the apex of a corner. Seat time followed by more seat time. I got my bike licence 1972 so I guess like you I have some seat time already and looking forward to some more.

So Wednesday is the day eh.... Enjoy.

Gerald Mac. PS heard of a Krikit?
Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. At 72 I just sold my Goldwing F6b. It was my eight Goldwing. Really liked it but it was time for three wheels. Enjoy your new Spyder.
1026 drag it will be as much fun as 2 wheels with more visibility and stability. I know 62 years on 2 wheels.
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