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A quick introduction. I am awaiting the delivery of a 2008 Spyder I purchased. A longtime reverse trike fan, even have a patent on a reverse trike car. I worked in the Motorcycle industry from '69 until 1997. I have a Rod and Custom shop that is in it's 12th year. I am beginning a refocus of the shop toward production of the forecab(reverse trike car) and wind generators and the Spyder will fit right into the new shop focus.
I have a few questions that some higher mileage riders can answer. I'll ask here and then look through the various forums to see if there is a more appropriate place. The major one I have initially is the tire pressures of the front tires. I am accustomed to 35-40psi in all the HP tires I run, motorcycle or car. Is that a needed pressure for the stability system? Since the sizes seem to be something that could be had in a HP car tire is that an option? I just can't get over the 14 psi I have seen listed. My old knuckle head used a similar rear tire pressure...but it was a hard tail.

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