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Hi from Lansing, Mi.

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Just got my 2009 SM5 yellow & black spyder friday 3-19-10 and what happens saturday......Rain and snow. Been riding 2 wheels since the 70s so there is a learning curve with the spyder. I have noticed the stock windshield sucks!
What shield do most use or recommend, I like the features and looks of the CHAD system but as every other accessory for the spyder its rather expensive.

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Ahhhhh.... MI/Northern weather, so nice to be in Arkansa... ummm, it's snowing here too, so don't feel bad!

The weather will be nice soon, but a studded rear tire and strap on ski's might do the trick in the short term. :D

There are many windshield options, are you looking for both hand and no wind in face, or just something that will route the air over your helmet/eliminate buffeting??

Again, welcome and congrats!
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