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Hello L.A.

If you are more off a bike guy, I hope you are just buying it for fun like you said. I have a 02 Indian and also a 08 Road King Classic. I just bought a 09 spyder and have put 500 hundred miles on it. I just took a ride on the interstate and it seems like it gets blown around alot and i have a 25in windshield on it. I just got on my Harley and their is a world of difference. The spyder seems like it winds out very quickly. It really, really needs another gear. The spyder seems like its taching more RPMs in 5th than the Harley does in #3rd gear. It gets alot of attention but i cannot see it ever being a bike you could take a trip on. It is fun, but for a road trip i will stick with the Harley.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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