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Hello, my name is Earl Hardison, I live in Virginia Beach Va and own a Can-Am Spyder F3T. This is the first motorcycle I have owned, I really enjoy riding it. I plan to go on a long road trip this year to Nashville Tn.
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Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Glad you decided to join us.
The standard recommendation for your first long road trip is: (no matter what bike you have)
Jumping right into a long trip often is not a good idea.
Work your way up to it, riding some lesser long distances to see how the bike and your body holds up.
Welcome to the forum Earl from New Zealand.

First bike you say. Awesome.
I guess you wont suffer getting used to no feet down, grabbing at levers that are not there and stuff like I did.

I googled your planned trip. Its a longish trip it but should be fun.
Got some off the interstate points of interest to visit along the way at all?

I have a 2017 F3 Ltd SE6 and enjoy it very much.

Ruapehu summer.

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Got some off the interstate points of interest to visit along the way at all?
That reminds me:
A new rider should NOT be spending much time on freeways in traffic.
Try to pick a US highway that roughly parallels the Interstate that you would take if in a car and in a hurry.
There usually isn't much traffic and the ride will be MUCH more pleasurable.
In this case, Google maps suggests US 58 and 52 and then you are in the mountains and the route selection gets a bit more tricky.
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