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Hello to all

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Just recieved a "new" 2009 Spyder Roadster. I'm a long time motorcyle driver and rider [behind my husband ]. However my knees have been giving me a hard time and I was afraid to hold up a bike and to ride also. After several years of this my hubby Bub, started looking at ways to get me "back into the saddle". He looked at the 3 wheeled scooters that have the ability to tilt, but we agreed it was a little to much to handle. So we looked at the Spyder and I test drove one, liked it and he bought one for me. The dealer at Rock Hill SC was really helpful and made the purchase a pleasant one. Bub will probably be the one on the forum a lot, as he has several other cycles he rides and plays with.
We live near Gaffney SC, retired and loving it.
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Hi Margie.....welcome back into the wind! Like alot of folks, as I have aged, it feels nice to know that I don't have to balance or risk picking the machine up, after falling over. I guess it's just moving to the next stage. Greetings from Knoxville TN
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