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Hello From Stockton

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I own number 610. Let's go for a ride
So here is what I am thinking. There only seems to be three of us located on this web site. We should get together and ride as a club a few times a year so that we have reasons to showcase and enjoy our bikes. I don't want to get into the machinations of a real club since I have enough of that in my life right now with boating clubs.

So what do you think about us each picking a weekend (a warm one) and setting up a ride. It could be for an afternoon, a day or a weekend depending on how much effort one wants to put into it. We could meet someplace local and head out. I for one would take to the gold country as I have found so many really neat back roads and little towns that are fun. I don't thing they were actually lost but I just discovered them since I got my bike.

I am sure that there will be more owners as we go along and I not interested in doing this unless it gets above 60 degrees during the day.

Let me know what you think. I have heard of other 'virtual' bike clubs that have a blast but never have started one or belonged to one. If anyone else wants to take the lead in this I am okay with that too.

BTW I am still getting out on my bike for a little as the weather permits. There is a golden hour or two most afternoons that one can take advantage of. It is not long enough to get very far but I am so hooked on this thing I am like a kid at Christmas. Hey It is Christmas. Merry Christmas all.
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3000 miles

Well I have hit the 3,000 mile mark with my Spyder and it is operating flawlessly. I have to take it in in the morning to get the service done on it which I understand is not much.

I rode 275 miles on Saturday on the twistiest (is that a word?) road I could find. I had it stuck in 2nd gear for what seemed like 10 miles. What fun.

With the service out of the way and the weather gettign warmer it is time to start taking some overnight trips somewhere. I believe I will head to San Diego as my first run and see how that goes.
Bob, where are you from? I am in Bakersfield and I can tell you that it get kind of lonely riding by myself all the time. I only have 800 miles on Mistress Ann as of today. It doesn't sound like you are that far away maybe we can get some riding in one day soon.

I live in Stockton on a boat. Boating is my other love and sorta how I got involved with a Spyder.

I am up to 4300 miles and ready to go again this week. I ride a lot during the week. I would like to got through Death Valley before it gets too much hotter.

Say the time and place and I can meet you any where including Bakersfield.

I have seen one other of these Spyders on the road -ever. So let's get together and wear these things out.
Stuck in Lodi

Hey Bob,

I live here in Lodi, the foothills shound good to me....just picked it up a month ago.:cool::eek:
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