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Hello from Montana

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Bought my wife a used 08 se5. Picking it up wensday, been shopping the used market for a year now. This spyder has 6.4 miles on it been under cover since new. the guy is a c.e.o. with no time. At 14K we think we did good. Comes with back rest, bar risers, extra windshields, cover plus some other goodies. wife is really excited, me too. thanks Gene
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That sounds like a heck of a steal! Good one! I hope that you've still got lot's of ryding season left. I'm trying to get the time later this month to travel across part of Montana from SD, through Yellowstone to Missoula and then north through Glacier-Waterton. How's the weather likely to be in the mountains?

Rod, sounds like a great trip. sept is usally pretty good riding weather. We just always dress for the unexpected. September bring cool nite ,an hot days. enjoy the ride up to logan pass in glacier park. Gene
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