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Heli-bar ????

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Until the Spyder arrived, I wasn't sure "exactly" what Heli-bars were. Although they seem like a well executed accessory,I'm not sure I like them that much. I'm tall and used to Sportbike type riding style( even converted my '77 wing into a sport touring), these seem to be a more upright position. Even with a Corbin shield the wind seems to be more than it should and, again, the riding position seems too upright. Before I go to the efforts to remove them, I was curious about how the stock bar position felt to some of those that haven't converted? Also if anyone converted and reverted for the same reason?
Finally,and this comes from 40 years as a bike tech, how many of those experiencing dps problems are running Heli-bars?
Yesterday was about 30*, so it was the first day that was warm enough to put some miles on it. Everything was great, with the exception of the bar/riding position.
Thanks in advance.
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