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Like yourself, I have many years of motorcycling habits that stimulate me to reach for the front lever. And there are also times when it's great to have a brake handy, when the footbrake isn't easy to reach--say when loading on a trailer, or rolling around the garage.

I did a custom installation on my SE, using a mechanical cable that operates a bell crank that applies the "rear" brake pedal. You don't want to think about plumbing into the dual ABS systems, which are intricately tied into the computers. When I squeeze the handlebar lever, it just pushes down the foot lever. When braking, my habit is to use both brakes, so foot pressure is simply added to hand pressure.

If you don't already have "bike" braking habits or bikes in your stable, you should be quite fine with the footbrake only. But if you have "bike" habits or ride bikes with a front lever, know that it's possible to do a conversion.

Try contacting Chris Paulson at Paulson's in Lacey, WA. [email protected], 360 456-8444 x 101

Patrick Cottini in Chico CA at [email protected] (530) 898-0914

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