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Hand brake?

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I ride a SE5 and I am looking for information or a kit to install a hand brake on my Spyder. Due to a motor cycle accident many years ago my right leg doesn't work like it should. So any information would be greatly appreciated.

I have to take a few seconds and talk about F1 Windsheilds. My wife and I both ordered windsheilds from Murcel July. Dealing with Murcel was great. By the time I got done placing our order with Murcel we felt like part of the family. When it comes to dealing with Murcel, I just cannot say enough good things about him and his company. Oh by the way the windshields are fantastic also. thanks-lw/
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Hand Brake

I am a right leg above the knee amputee, can't use foot brake at all.
With the short travel of that brake and not wanting to mess with hydraulics at all...was thinking of putting a clutch handle from a bone yard on the left side and running a long clutch cable under the cowl and side cover to under the pedal.

Set to pick up a E model next month. Anyone have experience with pulling off the cowl and aircleaner covers for this type of work?? is there clearance??
I do have the right leg issue (stroke). I hope to see if you get an answer. I can not work on a bike.
Tried getting parts from boneyard, but it wasn't working well.

Measured clutch handles off a dozen bikes in the showroom...ended up ordering a Yamaha handle/housing. We pick up the parts tomorrow morning and hopefully by dinner time, ot will be on the road. Ran a clutch cable under all the plastic and bolted it to the top of the rear brake (pivots to be stepped down on or pulling the top stops the beastie!.

Will post an update and try to post photos of the conversion
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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