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Greetings from Ohio

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It's December now; I purchased my 2009 Spyder in September. I have over 3000 miles on it. I traded in my BMW K1200GT on the Spyder and have not been unhappy with the change. I kept dropping my BMW because of its high center of gravity and I did not like the fact that there was no place to put your feet on long trips. I put highway pegs on my Spyder along with some handlebar risers and I must say that the ride is quite comfortable. My milage is in the 30 to 35 mpg range and I have not been on a long trip yet. I expect the milage to improve on long trips.
My only complaint is that the steering is somewhat 'twitchy' and seems to be extremely sensitive to road irregularities. If the left front wheel hits a mild rise in the road, the trike speeds off to the right. You'd better be ready all the time. No such thing as "Look ma, no hands" because you'll be in the trees before you know it. To me it seems like the suspension is mal-adjusted. Can't find anyone to check it for me. BRP says you need lasers and a bunch of crap. Most of the dealers around here (here being within 4 hours) don't have the proper equepment.
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