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Oh the dilemma of a newbie on a new necro on the Green Filter thread or start a new one... Hope I picked correctly.

So I'm a new Spyder RTS owner. I'd like to start tweaking and tuning my new ride for efficiency and performance, but not invalidate my warranty.

The Green Filter seems to be an economical start. It's reusable and apparently increases filtration while increasing airflow (not sure how this is physically possible).

Question 1: Is the Green Filter a worthwhile buy?

Question 2: Will it disrupt stock tuning? If so, how?

Question 3: Will installing this invalidate my warranty?

Thanks for any input.

Nellis AFB, NV

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I have had the Green Filter on my RT since the 600 mile service. It has worked flawless. I currently have 11,500 miles on her.

I believe each time you are to changethe filter, it costs like $30 at the dealer, so this being able to be cleaned and reused

is great.

AND it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Question # 1 Yes

Question #2 More air flow just like cooler air will increase horsepower ,not a bad thing

Question # 3. My dealership that installed it, was impressed and are considering carrying it, so no I don't see how it could affect your warranty.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

I was just in Nevada 3 weeks ago and had a blast at the PBR, I went by Hendersons powersports and there was another spyder owner picking up a trailer, they needed some assistance in hooking her up and I had the experience (very rare that this ever occurs)( big grin )

My sister joined for the ride to The Thomas Mack.

and then since I was on a spyder alot of groupies flocked over to see me.


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OK You are right if it increases flow it decreases filtration period! It like say, the K&N series, does not filter as efficiently as a stock filter but that amount of change in filtration versus the increase in flow is dam near unmeasurable. I have worked on airflow benches many times in my deep dark past and dyno's too and there is a measurable difference in flow and horsepower. You aren't going to blow away people by running it and I doubt other than the very slight increase in airflow noise you will ever feel any noticable difference but go for it. There will be people chiming in any time now saying now my trike will do wheelies since I installed the green filter but they are smoking the wrong things and having bad effects.

The increase in flow will be so slight that tuning will be more than compensated for by the computer onboard and other tuning will be unecessary.

So I would say go for it and maybe have parts per million more contaminents than the stock filter and slightly more flow. Most of us won't keep these things long enough to see any difference more than likely anyway. Bill
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