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Has anyone found a good knowledgable Spyder mechanic in North TX? I have had two encounters with authorized Spyder dealer service departments and neither really seemed to be very up on the product. The first was for an issue where we could not raise the seat to fill the gas tank. He lost his 10mm socket inside the engine compartment while I was standing there tryig to show him how to release the seat latch with a small wire tool. The socket is still missing I might add. I found a bolt while looking for the 10mm socket and new what it must be right away. Sure enough there was a bolt missing on the handle bar cover that he had removed to repair the cable release issue for the seat. My second concern was a request for information from the Spyder mechanic in regard to the radiator reservoir which ejected all of its contents onto the asphalt after a short ride. I was wanting his take on what to look for before bringing it in for him to look at. Very little help, he was not sure where to add engine coolant or where the engine temp sensor is. Have these mechanics gotten any form of training or is this product just way to new? What would one do if they were on a week long trip and had an issue. I feel comfortable that if I were to have an issue with my HD Ultra I could find a knowledgable mechanic to make repairs and complete my trip. Not with the Spyder. I have found that if a woman has an issue with a mechanical device even once you are in trouble. The trust factor goes way down.
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I'm not sure if it is a wide-spread pandemic or just an epidemic of less-than-knowledgeable service departments. In SE Texas, I've had to instruct my dealer on exactly what they needed to order for the CB/ICOM installation. I've had to explain to them what the bulletin for the drive belt was supposed to do. I've found tools left in my compartments, and seen dumbfounded looks when I explain factory specs. I've had my Spyder for 2 months and now have 600 mi. I go to the dealer with an expectation of mediocrity.
All I can say is that it is YOUR Spyder and nobody has it's best interest at heart than you. Not trying to sound mean, but that is reality. I've done the research the dealer won't do.
Trained Spyder Mechanic

I can't agree with you more. It has been two years or more since our experiences with our 2008 RS. Since then my wife has purchased the 2012 RT - Limited. Can anyone recommend a good trained Spyder Mechanic in North TX based on their experiences? It was nearly impossible then and now she rides a more complex machine. Surley there are some factory schooled mechanics in Texas somewhere.
Spyder Mechanic

Can anyone recommend a good spyder mechanic in CT? A dealer had mine for almost 5 weeks - and still didn't fix it.
Can anyone recommend a good spyder mechanic in CT? A dealer had mine for almost 5 weeks - and still didn't fix it.
I can't find a good mechanic near St Joseph, MO either. Soooooooo, even though I'm new to a Can Am (2009), I've maintained a K1200LT BMW motorcycle for years. Guess I'm going to have to learn how to care for my Spyder GS too. UGH. I just turned 79 so it's getting
harder to do the work. Gonna sell the 2002 K1200LT motorcycle this winter. (CHEAP. LOL)

Hope you find a good dealer near you.
HELLO, Anyone use this forum anymore?????????????
HELLO, Anyone use this forum anymore?????????????
There aren't a ton of users here.
And maybe nobody has an answer to the questions posed.

There are No good dealer mechanics around. Sorry I haven't found a dealership in South Carolina worth a damn to make repairs. They are also so busy with other bikes they put a Cam-Am way down the list. I do have 2 good independent mechanics. One is a retired BRP certified mechanic and the other is a young man who can fix just about anything. I just got lucky. Look around. Most leave dealerships because of low wages and work conditions.
There are No good dealer mechanics around.

While everything ELSE you said might very well be true.......THAT statement is just an opinion, based on scant little data.

I think that saying there aren't MANY good Spyder dealer mechanics around probably is more accurate.
Good Mechanics

Very interesting discussion, had my 2015 F3 since May 2017, only repair was a drive belt adjustment, Dealer mechanic was well versed and had it done in a timely manner, that being said, no there have not been any serious problems to deal with yet. I purchased a complete Spyder shop manual $ 130 CANADIAN , I have built and repaired new and vintage bikes , however this is a different project, it will give me some help ,but, until I become more familiar I will rely on my dealer.

Ride Safe , Ride Often
I live in North GA and I use Kevin at Cowtown USA in Cuba, MO for my service. Yes it’s a haul up there but he’s the best I’ve found. He has helped BRP solve a lot of the Spyder issues including the heating problems some Spyders have had.
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