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G'day from Australia- Spyder Ryder Australia

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Hi everyone,
I thought it about time to introduce and start contributing rather than just reading. I am lucky enough to own 2 Red SE5 Spyders and spend most of my days on them or playing around with them as I operate Spyder Ryder Australia where I hire them out and take pillions on tours of the Gold Coast. So if any of you head down under and just can't bear to be without a spyder you can hire one from us Spyder Motorbike Hire Tours, Gold Coast Australia - Spyder Home . I have also done a few videos so check out my channel
Until next time have fun and ride safe.


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OMG...awesome video and nice music, however you do drive on the wrong side of the road. that camera mount was solid and so is your ride!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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