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FYI Spyder Alarm update!

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Just got off the phone with Talon Motorcyle Alarms International concerning the Spyder (Wired) Specific Motorcyle Alarm and recieved this info...

"Every single one I have has been sold to Evoluzione. I have more being made but those a few weeks away. So for now Evoluzione is the only source. Not to create a panic, but it will be first come first serve for the first few lucky owners. The others will have to wait a few weeks until the remaining components arrive. Please spread the word..."

Brad Vansickle

So If you want one check with Evoluzione for yours, I hear he has a special deal going on for CAN_AM Talk members.

FYI I purchased one although I will have to wait for more as I am ordering it through Talon.:)

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Thanks for the offer. I knew about it before I ordered it from Talon. Being in Canada it was a little easier to get form Talon.

Thanks, I am sure I will be ordering from you again sometime.

P.S. I got my power bar from you, and it arrived promptly.


with our group buy, it might actually be less expensive through us (and quicker).
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