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If you have problems registering, please let me know. We have turned off registration for several of the free email services because of HUGE number of spamming registrations through these emails. It was just silly, for every "real" registration, we were getting 15 from spammers around the globe.

If you wish to use Gmail to register, drop me a note, we can turn it back on until your registration goes through, and then off again.

Other forums we've done we had to require a "real Internet Provider email account" to register, and set it up so free email accounts (GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) could be used as the "reply to" emails for the forums. We hope that we do not need to go that way here, but based on what we are seeing so far, it may happen. GMail is the only Free email turned off right now as it seems to be the favorite of Eastern European and Chinese spammers :(

Sorry for the inconvenience to GMail users.
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