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Fog Lights, Sway Bar

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Due to a credit I had with the dealer I had them install the BRP fog lights, which fill in what used to be air vents directed to the radiators. The engine temp seems normal, but I swear that the heat coming off the engine on my legs was more than it used to be. Anybody else experience this?

Also, had the Evolution sway bar installed at the same time, seemed to improve cornering. Still have the front shock cams set at 5, but in theory I should be able to drop those down to 3 to make the ride less skittish without jeprodizing the improved cornering. Any thoughts? I would simply adjust the cams down and test drive it but when I adjusted them up from 3 to 5 one of them broke. The dealer replaced at no charge, but I don't think he'll do it again.
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Yes, I experience too much heat (on the right lower leg). I E-Mailed Can-Am and asked the dealer. Both told me the fan is in that location. Guess there isn't much we can do about it.

About your cornering... I read someone else's complaint that just now, of his bad problem of the bike not wanting to steer to the left. Maybe you can scroll up and check out it you see his notes.
Despite what the handbook says you need to lubricate the suspension cams and jack up the front to take all weight off before adjusting. You should be fine then. The swaybay works well.

Heat on the right foot is widely reported as an issue depending on climate. Here in Oz it get pretty hot. If you take off the right hand side cover you will see a scoop that ducts the air out of the bike away from the rider.

You will see when it is fitted that it leaves a gap of an inch or two that the air can escape through and hit the riders foot. A simple piece of thin plastic, like a notebook cover, cut , siliconed and duct taped in to extend the scoop and close the gap makes a big difference - worked great for me and others.:)
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