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First Repaint: Red

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I was browsing BRP's SpyderRyder site and found these pictures posted by Red Spyder Girl..... Red with Purple accents, looks good!

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I saw those pics too. to bad it is not a limited edition. look at the handlebars. no number. it must have been a prototype. I thought they were going to detroy them.
looks new, the pipe is nice and black and its too clean to be a demo unit :confused: or possibly she took the number plates off? :confused:

must say I love the red, looks awesome :cool:
Hate to be a party pooper... but it could be allot better...

Sorry to have a different opinion on the look.
The purple is too dark and should be represented with a flowing pattern ... ghost flames of fades ... to be complementary to the shape of the bike.
The sharp contrast of purple off red, to me looks like it was done at home.
Sorry, just my thoughts.
How the heck can you see the number plate in those pics? I doubt if it is a prototype. They don't sell those.
on the 2nd pic you can see the area of the top triple where the number plates would be. If they were there it would be black, but they're silver
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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