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My experience with the Spyder was brief. I was transporting a group wedding party (I drive motorcoaches all over the country) and my escort was driving a Spyder. On first impressions, meh, a novelty toy for someone who has too much money. I talked with the owner for a bit and he is a dealer rep or something like that. That was about as far as the encounter went. I'm not a fan of motorcycles at all, just have no interest, too dangerous. I owned a dirt bike as a kid and wrecked it breaking my arm and foot at the same time. BIL was in a serious accident as a youngster and still has problems today. So that is the reason I am sort of anti motorcycle, that and the whole "lets be sheep and buy a Harley and get some tatoos and sleeveless shirts and ride around and make lot's of noise" thing.

But something was interesting about the Spyder for me. I got online and found this site, did more research, I like the uniqueness of the Spyder, like that the whole balance of a heavy machine is removed from the equation and the brakes are tied into one pedal. The wheels are turning in my head. got a quote on insurance from my carrier. Started watching various classified sites for going prices. A strategy and price I'll pay is being formed to see if I might buy one if I can put a few things together.

Still have a few questions: What is the gas mileage, town and highway?
How big is the trunk in front, AxBxC in inches? I ask because I am thinking of using the Spyder for commuting to work and I do have to carry some stuff.

I think I need to attend a demonstration meeting somewhere and really get to know the machine better.

TIA for any comments to my questions.
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