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Evening ladies and Gents.
I'm a Brit living in B.C. Canada, in my late 50's, and have finally taken the plunge and bought myself and 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' a 2020 Spyder RT Ltd.
I've been on 2 wheels ever since I was 14 (Yamaha DT175) which I used to ride around the fields attached to the farm where I used to live.
Moved to Canada in 2007 with wife and kids in tow, and only last year got back onto 2 wheels again, after purchasing a Honda NC750 DCT.
I enjoyed it but I really wanted to get a Spyder last year, but due to terrible supply issues and no reasonable second-hand models available, bought the Honda.
I just happened to be passing my local BRP dealer in August and found a low mileage (7500kms) 2020 c/w extended warranty, took it out for a ride with wifey on the back and we both absolutely loved it.
We've enjoyed getting used to it over the last few weeks and even purchased some bits and bobs for it already.
Looking forward to getting some touring done next year and maybe even meet some of you guys and gals on our travels.
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