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I am one of those guys that seldom complain or is negative about anyone BUT this takes the cake.

I ordered a windshield from MARCEL of F1 windshield. That was about 4 months ago.

Firstly he took an extra $100 from my credit card acct before he refunded it back to me 6 weeks later, the windshield still had not arrived.

Secondly, he did not send my windshield for another 4 weeks, I waited patiently for that to take place. I called him 10 days ago, he gave me a plausible excuse I accepted after he said he will send me the windshield with a $50 gas card. That was 10 days ago. No windshield. I left him a message 2 days ago, no calls.

What do you do with a habitual liar who wants business from forum like ours but does not deliver the goods.
My take on this is, no business. Nobody should give him a deposit as one never knows if he will or may go out of business or refuse to deliver.
My next alternative is to complain to better business bureau or a consumer agency in his State as well as DC.

He truly sucks. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HIM ( Marcel of F1 shield) YOUR BENEFIT OF DOUBT... I DID AND GOT SCREWED..... for nearly $300.
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