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Exhaust Mod

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This is a feeler to see if there are any interests in an aftermarket exhaust slip-on. A Can Am dealer and I have come up with a way to mount different exhaust pipes up to the Spyder. Yoshimura, two brothers, micron, etc... We expect the price to start at $450 for a yoshimura stainless can with our slip on mid pipe.

There are a few options from yoshimura. RS-3 and Tri-Oval cans, carbon fiber, titanium and stainless.
Stainless in both can types will be $450
Titanium $525
Carbon $575.

Two-Brothers have 5 pipes.

M-2 (width 3.75", Height 4.85")
Stainless ($535)
Carbon & Titanium ($625)

M-5 (width 4.00", height 5.375")
Stainless ($535)
Carbon & Titanium ($625)
If you think you might be interested, please let me know. We're trying to figure out if it's worth us to make.

Two Brothers Carbon Pipe with CMW Mid Pipe

Yoshimura Stainless Tri-Oval with CMW Mid Pipe
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More Exhaust Options

All the mufflers utilize CMW Mid Pipe

Two Bros Carbon

Scorpion Stainless

Scorpion Carbon

Micron Aluminum Fade Black/Silver

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Hi guys&gals.

When I took my spyder in for it's first service I noticed several spyder's that had Yoshimura exhaust on them. I talked to the service writer about them and he told me that there was a recall on the stock muffler because it would turn white from excess heat. He looked at my bike and said it qualifed. End
result is that I got a new Yoshimura carbon fiber muffler at no charge. I'm a happy camper. It sounds good without being too loud

Will a change to a lower back pressure or different muffler mess up the computer on this bike? I would think something would have to be done there for emmissions too? Burned valves or some such thing would evolve I would think. Bill
The Spyder runs great with the after market exhaust, the computer seems to have no problem with it. It was installed by my can am dealer, Ridenow-Chandler Az., so I'm sure any problem would be handled under warranty.

BRP instructions for installing other mufflers, on first start up let the bike idle for 15 min. then turn off and cool for 15 minutes - then good to go.
Did you get the yoshi option produced? I'sm trying to find a CF one but am having trouble.


bmikiten at idworld dot net
CMW Mid Pipe

Where can I buy the CMW Mid Pipe?
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